The leasing guide will give you a crash course in everything you need to know if you are a novice to leasing, but would still like to take a closer look at the options it provides.

General information on the topic of leasing

It seems we have tickled your interest in the topic of leasing. Now you are looking for further information about this kind of mobility solution?

Besides an explanation of the underlying concept behind leasing, this section lets you see the actual benefits that leasing can offer you as a private or corporate customer.

FAQ on leasing, and their answers

"Can I configure my own leasing vehicle or do I have to take a predefined model?" "Who owns the leased vehicle?"

Customers frequently approach us with their questions in our daily routine. Which is why we would like to provide answers here for anyone that is interested.


"What is the basic data for leasing calculation offer ?"

Car model specification length of leasing, kilometres limits for the leasing period.


"What about the waiting time for new car manufactoring. How my mobility will be ensured by Sixt Leasing?"

Customers can be provided by pre-delivery car from Sixt Leasing Czech Republic, synergical cooperation of Sixt Rent and Sixt Leasing.



Many other question in CZE language for czech car fleet managers you can find on

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